Shakti Teotia

You are great educator and your are really inspiring lack of aspirants everyday and making a hope in everbody.

Arti gupta

Superb teacher .never ever got any teacher like him .has such a great values and such a inspiring personality. Really sir love you always pray for your health .be fit nd healthy

Devi Prasad rajvanshi

My best teacher in my life. That's my ideal


Ankit sir is a fabulous teacher. He inspires us to do more and more in our life. He teaches us how to satrt with a zero and become a hero. I had never seen a teacher like Ankit sir. He is the real hero and all students need a teacher like sir.

Khusbu agrahari

Your way of teaching is very good, it explains the words very easily and you are the best teacher

Ashutosh Pal

Very high standard of teaching style and briefing of answers

Birendra Singh

I haven't seen teacher who explain everything with so much affection.May God bless you with peace, happiness and good health. 😊

Abhishek Dubey

Sir we can't define you you are the real hero of the education system if we talk about any topic,news whether it is national or international the best analysis only Ankit sir can give. Not only the hero of upsc state psc aspirants but also of some of the parents and grandparents of this country. We salute you sir from the bottom of my heart we will always support you ❤ Thank you 😊

Pankaj bharti

Very good teacher, A+ remark my morning starts with ankit awasth sir, i hopy he will find corona negative in some time, west wishes for ankit avasthi sir

Balram Sharma

My best mentor and teacher for rna classs

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