50 Days Study Plan to Crack Any Government Exam

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Hello friends, welcome to Ankit Inspires India. If you’re preparing yourself for any competitive government examination, this article is specially for you. It’s my promise that you will find this post very helpful. So, let’s begin…

Each and every candidate who is preparing for competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, Banking, and other State & Central Level Exams, do not have much time to waste. As soon as any official notification is released, candidates gear up for their preparation. Let’s suppose a notification for a govt job is released and it’s exam date is 3 months later. Now most of the sincere candidates will start their preparation. They will join some kind of coaching or online course, and will make notes.


While some other candidates will try their best to get the best study notes for their exam. In all these things, we spend some time. Imagine we have only 50 days of exams. Now we are scared of the examination. We think, how will these 50 days make us succeed? If these 50 days are taken sincerely, I believe, we can crack any exam. The only thing we need to follow is a time table and the best preparation strategy (my strategy) that I’m sharing here.

50 Days Strategy – Study Plan to Crack Competitive Exam

To make you fully understood, suppose a candidate is preparing for a Rajasthan state government job. The details of the example is given below;


Exam Name: Computer Instructor

Days Remaining: 50 Days

Subjects: Rajasthan GK (Geography, History, Art & Culture, Current Affairs), Reasoning, Maths, Pedagogy, General Science & Computer.


Now, we will understand, how can we crack this exam in 50 days, what strategy should we follow;


1. Divide and Rule Plan

Count the remaining days and divide them into the multiple groups of days according to the subjects. We need to count only 40 days out of 50. These 10 days we will keep for revising important topics of all subjects.


In out of 40 days, give at least one hour to every subject. This will consume 9 hours of your day. If you’re working or in some job, you can skip the subjects that you’re dabhand in.


Note: give more weightage to the main subject that is computer in this case.


2. Subject Wise Study

No one can understand how much time you need to give a particular subject other than you. In my opinion, you can study Rajasthan Current Affairs, History and Art & Culture in the morning time. The morning time is the best time to remember something. That’s why we people are told to remember God as soon as we awake.


Maths and Reasoning can be solved in the day time. Don’t forget to remember the tricks to solve some particular arithmetic such as square, cube roots and tables of at least 1 to 30. Trust me this will help you lots.


If we talk about Pedagogy, General Science and Computer, you can take them as per your wish. The time when you think is the best time to study, you can study them. But, don’t forget to give at least one hour to every subject.


3. Revision

Whatever you are doing, everybody can make some time for revision. For example, if you’re taking a bath, mopping the floor, eating the food, walking or anything you are doing, just put your earphones up and listen to the lectures. You can play the lecture and put your phone aside and listen to this. At least, some portion of your syllabus will be recalled.


4. Important Tips, Full Forms, Inventions

Every subject has some important tips, tricks, full forms, inventions etc. while studying you need to put all these things in a separate notebook. This notebook is not your study notes that you are making during the 9 hours of your study. Whenever you feel free, take this notebook and have a glance at the stuff you put into it.


I hope all these points will help you crack the examination. The exam name taken here is an example only. You can apply this on any exam preparation. This is the strategy followed by me and many of my fellows. If you find it helpful, do share it with all your loved ones who need it during their exam time.

Good luck…🤞

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