Womaniya Initative

Womaniya Initative

Over 1.44 lakh Womaniya MSE on GEM have fulfilled over 14 lakh orders worth Rs 21,265 Crore.

  • The Government’s public procurement initiative Government eMarketplace (GeM) has registered over 1.44 lakh Udyam-verified women-led micro and small enterprises (MSEs) under its Womaniya programme launched in 2019 .

Aim : The Objective of “Womaniya” is to develop women entrepreneurship on the margins of society who  face challenges in accessing public procurement markets, and work towards achieving gender inclusive economic growth of under-served seller groups such as women-owned and led  MSEs, tribal entrepreneurs, Divyangjan, Startups, SHGs, artisan and weavers. 

“Womaniya” neatly aligns with the Government’s initiative to set aside a target of three (3) percent (%) in public procurement  for women-owned and led MSEs.

A function was held to commemorate the success of “Womaniya on Government eMarketplace (GeM)”  14 January at Constitution Club in New Delhi. 


According to the data shared by the commerce ministry in a statement on  women MSE sellers have fulfilled over 14.76 lakh, Saturday (14 January) orders worth Rs 21,265 crore in gross merchandise value (GMV) since 2019. 


Women entrepreneurs have a share of 74 per cent in the order value of products sold on GeM and 26 per cent in the order value of service categories.


Top five (5) product categories in which women  have registered their presence include Desktop Computers, Smart Phone-IS:13252, Special Purpose  Telephones (Smart Phone For ICDS), Smart Phone and Hopper Tipper Dumper, and top five (5) service  categories include Manpower Outsourcing Services – Minimum Wage, Custom Bid for Services,  Human Resource Outsourcing Service, Monthly Basis Cab & Taxi Hiring Services, and Manpower  Outsourcing Services – Fixed Remuneration.

  • GeM has inked memorandums of understanding (MoU) with Self-Employed Women’s Association  (SEWA) to train, assist and enable women-led micro and small enterprises, women entrepreneurs and  SHGs in public procurement, and with Usha Silai School to train and upskill women seamstresses as  service-providers in public procurement. 
  • Last-mile stakeholders such as Local Bodies, Cooperative  Societies, Panchayati Raj institutions, among others and stakeholders’ such as corporates, private  companies, colleges, scientific and technical research institutions, and universities, among others in  public procurement will benefit from the growth and the success of the “Womaniya” initiative.
  • About GEM (Government e Marketplace)
  • GeM was set up in 2016 and has 731,431 product categories, with 180,862 registered sellers and 32,114 government buyers. Since inception, GeM has processed 1,171,761 orders worth Rs. 16,976 crores in gross merchandise value. The CEO of GeM is S Radha Chauhan. GeM is a 100% government-owned company set up under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce and Industry for procurement of common use goods and services by government ministries, departments, and CPSEs.
  • Source : PIB, Economic times, Financial Express

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